Captured Truth Co.

How it started

Captured truth was created out of faith with the intent of encouraging others with the truth of Jesus.

I always dreamed of photography being my full time job. Seeing that dream slowly becoming a reality by God opening doors for me the past couple months is so eye-opening. It wasn’t until this summer where God put this on my heart and told me that I was going to reach people and bring them to Christ through my photography. I wasn’t sure what that meant, or what that looked like, until my mentor said to me, “I see you capturing the testimonies of others through your photography, telling their story. Meeting them where they are at. You’ll hear their story, and you’ll tell them yours. And through that, you’ll show people the love of Jesus.”

A few months later, God giving me this vision of a community that does exactly that. Sharing the truth of Jesus, capturing people where they’re at, and hearing people’s testimonies. Slowly God has been revealing to me what this space should look like. I’m a writer, so what better place than to combine the two things I enjoy the most.

It’s a space for community. A space for creativity. A space for testimonies. A space for people to meet other believers. A space for encouragement. A space to be reminded that you are made in the image of God. You can follow along on the journey at on instagram.

You are so loved by God, friend.

One of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced is the feeling of God’s love in a time where I had nothing else.

I wanted to share some of my testimony before I kick off this page with what God has truly put on my heart to do, sharing the truth of Jesus through my photography and writing.

Jesus met me in the middle of my storm. He was my calm. I had the lie in my head from the enemy that my life didn’t matter and that God was the reason for my pain. But instead He rose above the anxiety, above the depression, above the trials, above my pain. He gave me a purpose that I didn’t know that I had. Solely that I was His beloved daughter. He gently picked up my shattered heart and started putting the pieces back together and made and is making something so beautiful. But had to trust Him with my pain for Him to heal me. And He is and was so gentle with my pain. I didn’t have it all together and I still don’t have it all together, but let me tell you that having Jesus as my Father and friend, has changed my whole life. That’s why I am a Christian. I’m not perfect but He is. I was able to rest my soul in Him and found the sweetest peace. He doesn’t ever stop providing. He is constant whether we see it or not, and He strengthens you with a strength that you didn’t know you had. I pray that you know Jesus, and if you don’t…He’ll change your life. 🤍

I pray that this page is an encouragement to you, and that it will reflect all of the incredible things God has done in each person’s life that I photograph. I want this to be a space that is safe, and lets you know that you are so loved by God, friend.